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Discovery Bay Veterinary Clinic

Lovebird being weighed on a scale by a staff member

Discovery Bay Veterinary Hospital

Discovery Bay Veterinary Hospital is a full-service companion pet hospital. Dr. Doug Gray and his well-qualified veterinary staff are committed to providing quality veterinary medical care throughout the life of your pet. We specialize in the healthcare and treatment of dogs, cats, exotic animals, birds and even fish.

At Discovery Bay, we offer complete health care services to ensure your pet stays happy and healthy. Services we provide include physical examinations, spay & neuter, individual vaccine assessments, microchipping, exotic and avian medicine, whole body and dental x-ray capabilities, ultrasound, orthopedic surgery, dental treatment, in-house laboratory and full diagnostic procedures.

Our veterinarians and staff understand the importance of your relationship with your pet, so we make it our mission to provide a comfortable and caring environment to ensure your pet is as relaxed as possible.

dog and cat in the sand

What to Expect

In your search for a veterinary facility, we believe you should expect high quality care as well as great service. Our goal has been to assemble a veterinary health care team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care. Exceptional care and quality service are important aspects to consider when evaluating a veterinary clinic to entrust with the care of your pet. Our commitment to you is to continue to offer our world class service and a state of the art veterinary facility.

Your pet's annual wellness exam will include a complete physical to include a thorough examination of the eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs, abdomen, body condition and hair coat. Because even the most cooperative pet may not readily go-along with a tooth and gum brushing, an annual dental cleaning by your veterinarian may be in order. It's a good idea to keep an accurate medical diary not only of the procedures and vaccinations your pet receives at the vet, but also of notes on things like your pet's elimination habits and any physical changes or unusual occurrences.